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 A fantastic Online opportunity

to still connect. It is worrying times

at the moment for us all and I am sure

being pregnant your anxiety has

increased, understandably. But please

be secure in knowledge that you can

still access courses online with myself.

We as hypnobirth teachers are sadly

aware that NHS and NCT classes are cancelled yet you have support here

Online. Remember breathing

techniques to remain calm and


Positive Pregnancy Relaxation                       Programme : Online

Opportunity to ask questions 

75 mins of relaxation 

Connect with your mind, body

& baby


Topic of discussion each week 

Clinical Hypnotherapy : Online

If you are more anxious due to the current Clovid-19, self-isolating,

feeling lonely, disconnected with

family and friends or in general

feeling low this is a great opportunity

to connect with me and I can

support you with the emotional

changes that are occuring. 

3 Hour Positive Caesarean

Section & Positive Birth Mini                          Workshops : Online

Access to The Little Birth

Company Community Facebook

page and Fantastic Antenatal

Education including lots of

handouts or email info to


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