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How do you look after your 'Mind'?

Do you feel often that we live in a rushed world ...everything around us and everyone around us is on the 'go fast' bus. Everything must happen today, nothing left to chance and the world goes by and before we know it another year has flown past. We have entered a new decade 2020, and yet we are hearing more and more about mental health and the impact this has had and is still having on our daily lives. If not with ourselves then at least someone we know, a friend, relative, colleague. Reaching out is a great way to ensure they are ok, right? But if this is you, what are you doing to gain your inner strength for today? How are you looking after your mental wellbeing - because we must remember that if we do not look after ourselves how can we flourish.

How does an hour to yourself sound, essential oils wafting in the air and a great piece of soft delicate music that warms your heart, your cares of the world just drifting away into the clouds for a while. Nothing disturbs that peace. Mindfulness sessions can allow you to Rest, Rebalance and Rejuvenate. Relax, Restore and Regain strength and inner peace. Have you ever thought of mindfulness sessions and getting some time for yourself. We have children, often working full time or have children whilst some of us are juggling self employment. How do you de-stress. Learning mindfulness is easy to do. Come and join me.

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