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Menopause mayhem

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

Hi the Menopause is in the news rather a lot lately. And quite timely for me as I am going through the mayhem. Are you? Do you have the support that you need? I, for a while, just carried on and kept thinking 'Nah I'm too young at 46'. I recently turned 47 and I am reading so many stories of younger women 22 to 35 going through the perimenopausal symptoms and some have done for years. Dr Hilary Jones who frequents the Lorraine show in the mornings has stated that women are not getting the support they so desperately need and GP's really need to educate themselves more as they too easily offer antidepressants that don't suit everyone. Often offering incorrect medication and not believing the women going through this.

What can we do as women to help ourselves. Speak about it. Gain support. Gain sufficient and correct support on knowing how to deal with remembering it wont last forever. However, the soon to be hot flushes, the already evergrowing insomnia, the snappy moods, the hormone imbalance, the tiredness, the night sweats, the loss of appetite for some, increase for others, the depression for some, not so bad for others, why do we see it as a huge negative? Well because it impacts our lives so much and very few people in my experience - understand. Unless the person has gone through it themselves. It needs to be talked about more, more help needs to be made available, and the right medication if required must be the correct one for the individual. Whether it be meds, natural remedies, alternative therapies, yoga, exercise, diet change. Whatever the solution - it does and will improve, mostly. If you are requiring support I am here to listen. Much Love, Tracey x

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