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World Reflexology Week

Well its the end of the week. If you wish to still book your reflexology session whether it be for Maternity Reflexology or General Reflexology its not too late.

What can Reflexology help with?

Well having a general sense of wellbeing is the best way to start our day isn't it. That feeling of peace and harmony within ourselves. Reflexology, by gently touching reflex points on the foot, can enhance your general wellbeing and offer you optimum equilibrium within your body, physically and emotionally, allowing you to cope better with a sense of harmony after just one session.

I was trained by Moshe (Mauriciano Kruchik), from Israel, a well known author, expert reflexologist, doula and maternity expert. He actually knows more than most midwives I know. He is a maternity specialist that just amazes me with everything he taught me back in 2006.

Why not learn the art of reflexology yourself that is how I started by going to a taster day. Then I completed the diploma and the advanced in maternity. Learn the finger steps, helping yourself and helping others, the feeling of touch especially to the feet is so comforting. I use Neals Yard Organic Creams and oils. The essential oils aromas are so relaxing and clients return again and again for the soothing ambient music that is played with the relaxing leather couch as a cushion to enhance comfort and often they fall asleep.

Why not try it. World Reflexology Week. Last chance to get your discount.

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