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Holistic Facial

Using Neals Yard Products 

A truly calming experience using Organic products to freshen your skin, aid relaxation, offering you some time to just relax your mind and body. Assisting with migraines, eye strain and improves circulation, tone and reduces fine lines improving overall wellbeing. 

(An initial consultation required)



General & Maternity 

What better way to improve your health with reflexology, whether you are expecting, or not, whatever age you can enjoy this wonderful experience touching reflexes that represent systems within the body. Allowing your body to heal itself naturally. 

(An initial consultation required)





A lovely relaxing time for YOU. Allow yourself to indulge in this unique experience working with enhancing sleep, body and mind relaxation, leaving you feeling refreshed. Relieves tension. Giving you to opportunity to experience some quiet alone time. Essential Oils in the diffuser too whilst listening to ambient music. Bliss! 



Group Classes Full Birth Preparation Course (max 4 couples) 9 hours

A lovely way to make new friends whilst learning more about what to expect when you are expecting and also finding out about the wonders of hypnobirthing with the full birth preparation course. Fun, informative, interactive. FREE Refreshments. Birth Ball to take away to practice birth positions. The Little Birth Company Manual. Full access to our Facebook page. 6 MP3's. Handouts re Aromatherapy, Birth Positions, Breathing exercises, Birth Plan etc.


Contact me for the next course dates or a booking form and discuss any special circumstances. 


Hypnobirthing Full

Birth Preparation Course

9 hours (1:1)

A great way to personally enjoy Hypnobirthing in your own special way in the comfort of your own home or mine. It's fun, informative, interactive. FREE Refreshments. Birth Ball,to practice birth positions. The Little Birth Company Manual. Full access to our Facebook page. 6 MP3's. Handouts re Aromatherapy, Birth Positions, Breathing exercises, Birth Plan etc. Contact me for your 1:1 experience. 4 x 2.5 hour sessions, 3 x 3 hour sessions, or a bespoke package to suit your needs.


(FREE reflexology session for MUM to be).


Contact me for a booking form and any special circumstances.   


Hypnobirthing Mini

Workshops 3 hours (1:1)/Groups

A lovely chilled atmosphere in my home or yours to enjoy a 1:1 session (mini) to cover the essentials in the wonders of hypnobirthing. Here you have the chance to ask questions. This may be ideal for a return client to top-up on a refresher, or for a mum and dad to be with limit time or limit finances yet still wish to learn more about the benefits of hypnobirthing and how to get the most out of their birth experience. FREE Refreshments. Handouts, 3 MP3's. Access to our Little Birth Company facebook page.


Contact me for a booking form, and individual requirements. 



Mini Workshop (Planned Caesarean Section) Birth Preparation (3 hours) (1:1)/Groups

Do you have a planned caesarean section booked. Is this your first pregnancy. Are there certain words you are afraid of and you need some clarity. 

This workshop does not instill fear in anyone, it does the opposite. This course empowers you to still make choices as often when a caesarean is planned we often feel these decisions relating to the finer details are taken away from us. This is not the case.


Feel empowered by attending this workshop and take away some information safe in the knowledge you can still enjoy a truly wonderful hypnobirth during a Caesarean Section. My very first client had an unplanned caesarean (see video) from Aimee - she still enjoyed her experience and felt in control and not frightened. You can too. 3 MP3's inc. 



Hypnotherapy (Solution Focussed)

These sessions are life-changing. How do I know? I've been there! Mental health ! We all have one. Yet we do not look after ourselves, or our minds like we do our bodies. We may eat well or exercise but do we exercise our minds. Are we allowing our thoughts/feelings to sabotage our day to day living? If this sounds familiar then change is possible with your commitment but only when you are ready for it. 

Anxiety is the most common form of mental health issue and the most searched online, inc depression, nail-biting, bedwetting, teenage angst, bullying, low self esteem/confidence, addictions (sugar, food, substances, alcohol).  

Insomnia, weight management, motivation, skin disorders, phobias and fears (such as birth fear, vomiting, water, buttons, bananas, spiders, bridges) etc. Night terrors, quitting smoking (£160) (2.5hrs) 

An initial consultation is required. FREE MP3.  

£65/60-90 mins


Coaching Specialist

(6 sessions) 

6 Sessions dealing with the emotional wellbeing relating to Infertility. A delicate subject and treated with Specialist knowledge. For a clarity call please contact me on the button below.


Modules include: Foundation, Emotions, Reprogramming, Tactics, Imagination, Liberation, Enjoyment. For the IVF module please contact me directly to discuss. All discussed in confidence. If infertility is sabotaging your happiness this course may be what you are looking for. If you have suffered a loss, or decided on adoption then this also may be ideal to support your wellbeing. 


Infant Massage

Instruction 1:1 or groups of up to 6 (4 weekly sessions)

1:1 sessions for you and your little one from birth to toddler age. Ideal for bonding using Neals Yard Organic Baby Massage oils (to take home). Either in the comfort of your own home (£5 extra) or in mine. In a relaxed environment with instruction handout. My first sessions at a children's centre were fantastic as most were foster carers and young parents and it was so encouraging to see. 


If you have a group of friends to join you this is a great way for your children to bond too. Dads very welcome. 

Infant massage is great to relieve symptoms of colic, digestive disorders and sleep issues.


* Please consult your GP if your baby or toddler has any medical issues that may act as a contra-indication. (premature birth, hip displacement or shoulder dystocia at birth)



Relaxation Classes Groups of 8 max (6 Sessions)

These sessions are designed for your total relaxation. There are 6 weeks of sessions, a topic of discussion each week covering: 

1: Relaxation during pregnancy

2. Sleeping during pregnancy

3. Fear in pregnancy and birth

4. Healthy Choices in pregnancy

5. Preparation for Birth

6. Oxytocin for Birth.

These topics are then used in the relaxation session for that week. 

You receive an MP3 to listen to to enhance your relaxation. 25 minutes of relaxation and a chance to make new friends and have coffee and cake. FREE of charge. Yoga mat, cushion and blanket supplied. 

Sessions can be booked 1 at a time or in bulk in advance. Bring a friend at session 1 and receive your 6th session FREE. Classes usually 1 morning a week or 1 evening a week. Next sessions are September 2019. 

Contact me for the next group sessions and for booking form. 



Relaxation/Mindfulness Class 1:1 (6 sessions) 

Wonderful relaxation sessions for you to enjoy as a 1:1 in the comfort of your own home (£10 extra as one off) Or for you to enjoy in the comfort of my home. Yoga mat, blanket and cushion to use. FREE Refreshments. 

The sessions comprise of the following topic each week as topic of discussion: 

1: Relaxation during pregnancy

2. Sleeping during pregnancy

3. Fear in pregnancy and birth

4. Healthy Choices in pregnancy

5. Preparation for Birth

6. Oxytocin for Birth.

This is followed by 25 mins of total relaxation with an MP3 to listen to at home. 


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